Midway Volunteer Fire Department

One of the first organizations of the village was the fire department, the “Bucket Brigade.” The Midway Volunteer Fire Department began in the late 1890’s with a group of men who came together when an old feed mill and several houses caught fire. Immediately after the fire, that same group of men got together and started to organize a “bucket brigade”. The local blacksmith shop always kept wooden barrels full of water on a wagon, and all they had to do was hitch up a horse and go. A schoolhouse bell would ring to gather the men and their buckets. The “bucket brigade” first met every Wednesday at a local dance hall.

After the borough was formed in 1903, they combined a borough office and a fire department. Its early equipment, other than the well-known bucket brigade, was the hand pumper that was pulled by fireman. Some say it was in 1910 and some say it was in 1912, that the first piece of mechanical fire equipment was purchased. It consisted of a hand drawn hose reel and pump and two hand drawn chemical units.

2021 Midway Volunteer Fire Department Line Officers

Fire Chief – Doug Baird

1st Assistant Chief – Dale Baird

2nd Assistant Chief – Bill Jordan

Captain – Chuck Nourigat

1st Lieutenant – Brian Walls

2nd Lieutenant – John Scott

Safety Officer – Anthony Kerr

Engineer – Gary Vermeulen

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